1. Contact everyone you know and used to know: Family, friends, neighbors, old classmates, work colleagues, clients who you have a good relationship with, those you meet day-to-day around town—Post on social media. Speak to them. Call them. Email them. Text them—whatever communication line works best.

a. Ask them if they have had enough of the super control, the loss of freedoms, the constant fear mongering, conflicts, and restrictions.

b. Tell them they can do something simple but powerful about it by following a four-step program Defending Humanity has developed to put all this unpleasantness behind us and return our rights and freedoms. Give them this website defendinghumanity.global and tell them to visit it and take action, just like you.

2. Bookmark defendinghumanity.global and take the memes and other material we will make available there and post on all your social media—stay connected as we roll out programs 2-4

We go viral, we win. We fail to unite, we lose.

3. Connect with us so we can coordinate on other projects. 

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